Офис представителя в Украине:

Black Sea Link Ltd.

Office 505, Business Center PRESTIZH, 84, Balkovskaya str., 65005, Odessa, Ukraine

+38 048 7340731


 The NYK Group provides global services that encompass both the «hardware» and «software» aspects of marine, land, and air transport.

 These services are supported in part through our transport of containers and cars, and the added value we provide through our terminal operations and harbor transport services.

 We also have a Sea-Earth-Air Logistics Integrator Program (SEA-LIP) that we use to organically integrate the large-scale, global services that we provide so as to achieve optimal synergies.

 At the very heart of our endeavors are a customer-centric philosophy and a regionally oriented management structure, in which all employees participate and take responsibility for profitability, allowing our organizations to move beyond the vertical walls between individual business units.